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Industrial Flash & Memory Solutions

Advantech embedded modules include: storage module, memory module and embedded I/O module. These I/O modules combine with advanced management software for a total solution for all kinds of embedded applications, and all I/O modules are fully compatible with all standard platforms, including the third party. The SQFlash is the SSD storage modules designed for security issue. Because SSD is the place where we store our data, Advantech emphasizes the security of SSD storage modules.

Product Categories

  • Storage Modules

    Advantech Storage Modules includes 2.5" SSD, mSATA, CompactFlash (CF card), CFast, SATA DOM (Disk-on-Module), and SD card. Advantech storage modules combine versatile flash storage media with advanced management software as a total solution for all kinds of embedded applications. With Advantech Storage Modules, system integrators and industrial PC venders can easily implement security functions on their own systems or applications. Advantech Storage Modules provide not only a robust, safe and secure environment with life-span detection and early warning mechanisms, but also 3 years product longevity support with 3 years warranty.

  • Memory Module

    Advantech Memory module and DRAM modules offer an extensive portfolio of industrial grade memory, like un-buffered DIMMs, LONG-DIMM and SO-DIMM which are designed according to the latest JEDEC standards and cover all technologies from DDR to DDR3 memory in wide temp ranges (-40 to 85C). Advantech Memory module and DRAM modules' synchronous design allows precise cycle control with the use of system clock. I/O data transactions are possible on both edges of DQS. Range of operation frequencies, and programmable latencies allow the same device to be useful for a variety of high bandwidth, high performance memory system applications.

    • SQR-SD4M

      *JEDEC standard 1.2V (1.26V~1.14V) power supply *JEDEC standard 260-pin Dual In-Line Memory Module *Operating temperature range: -20 °C ≤ TCASE ≤ 85 °C *30u" Gold Finger *100% Screening Test
    • SQR-SD4I

      *JEDEC standard 1.2V (1.26V~1.14V) power supply *JEDEC standard 260-pin Dual In-Line Memory Module *Operating temperature range: -40 °C ≤ TCASE ≤ 85 °C *30u" Gold Finger *100% Screening Test
    • SQR-UD3I

      Industrial Grade DDR3 SODIMM with Thermal Sensor
    • SQR-SD3M

      *JEDEC standard 1.35V power supply *JEDEC standard 204-pin Dual In-Line Memory Module
    • SQR-SD2I

      Industrial Grade DDR2 SODIMM
    • SQR-SD3I

      *JEDEC standard 1.35V power supply *JEDEC standard 204-pin Dual In-Line Memory Module *Operating temperature range: -40oC ≤ TA≤ 85 oC *30u" Gold Finger *100% Screening Test
  • Embedded Extension Modules

    Advantech's new embedded extension modules (EXM) are standard full-size Mini PCIe modules that come in a variety of I/O interface choices. With EXM, you can simply extend extra interface ports without customization or board modification. This makes EXM modules easier to be integrated and offers high flexibility for a diverse range of embedded, automation, transportation and networking applications.

    • Touch Module

      Advantech’s Embedded Touch Module (ETM) solutions include: Touch screen, Touch board, and Touch sensors, which also provide high reliability, high resolution, and fast conversion times. Advantech’s own application software—TouchWare, decreases integration effort and adds extra value to hardware and software. Currently, our ETM solutions incorporate various touchscreen technologies including Resistive and Surface Acoustic Wave, and later on Capacitive and Infrared types, which are applies to Touch screen, Touch board, Touch sensor applications.
    • CANBus & Interface Card

      Advantech have developed a series of APIs for customers to access Controller Area Network (CANBus) Protocols. Advantech CANBus and Interface Card modules are high-quality developed and manufactured according to each standard. Meanwhile, CANOpen which is license based protocol, is also released with the CANBus modules as an alternative option. The form factors of most modules are combination of full-size Mini PCIe & module types. Advantech I/O modules are as easy to fulfill as different application.
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