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Date: 7/27/2010

RF Solutions Combine Advanced GPS with Wireless WAN Communications

Fleet operators must manage large vehicle fleets in geographically challenging situations. Advantech TREK products integrate Assisted GPS (A-GPS), dead reckoning, Bluetooth, and WWAN protocols (GPRS/GSM or CDMA/HSDPA), ensuring effective operation near tall buildings, mountains, canyons, in tunnels and in underground parking lots—improving management and competitiveness. The equipment is also designed to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures, as well as handling shocks and vibration. Advantech solutions are ISO/TS16949 and ISO16750 certified, with a quick time to first fix on satellite and very effective accuracy.

About GPS
One problem affecting management of vehicle fleets is the accuracy of location data. This accuracy is greatly dependent on the techniques used to determine location. Advantech has teamed up with a leading chip manufacturer specializing in A-GPS and dead reckoning, to develop a unique low-power consuming technology that delivers reliable, advanced GPS solutions. These solutions provide optimal sensitivity, connectivity, noise immunity, and continued tracking in areas where satellite signals are interrupted.

AGPS Technology
GPS users expect instant position information. Under adverse signal conditions, however, data downloads from satellites to the GPS receiver and subsequent positional fix can take an unacceptably long time. A-GPS boosts acquisition performance by providing satellite positional data to the GPS receiver via wireless networks or the internet. This enables the GPS receiver to compute a position within seconds, even under poor signal conditions. The service is available free-of-charge, in both online and offline versions that are easy to integrate into the system.

Dead Reckoning Technology
Dead reckoning technology supplements GPS data using additional sensors that detect distance travelled with an odometer and turn rate with a gyroscope, providing an accurate position in tunnels, indoor parking facilities, roofed logistics centers, urban canyons and any other environment where obstructed GPS signals hinder positioning. The following chart shows that when there is no GPS signal, drivers must rely completely on dead reckoning technology to extrapolate location. With a poor signal, drivers rely on a blend of both GPS and dead reckoning data for position information.


About Radio Transmission Technology
Customers today are more sophisticated and demand a broader set of services for fleet management applications, such as broadband 3.5G access. Advantech TREK products utilize a module from Sierra Wireless, the leader in worldwide 3.5G embedded solutions, to transmit and receive data packets via GPRS, CDMA, and HSDPA. With an FCC Part 22 H+Part 24E approval, reliability and sensitivity of the system is ensured.

 n Integrated A-GPS and dead reckoning, improves signal acquisition and maintenance
 n Open antenna detection prevents tampering
 n Real-time communications with central dispatch
 n Multiple WWAN protocol support (Quad-band GSM/GPRS/HSxPA, and CDMA)
 n Bluetooth allows driver to transmit data to the cab via a mobile device
 n WiFi eases software upgrades allowing them to be done over the air
 n Satellite Communications (Quake) permits connectivity in remote areas