Industrial Mobile Computing

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Date: 11/1/2010

Heavy Duty


Advantech’s heavy duty solutions can operate in extreme temperature. These vehicles require computing solutions that monitor, analyze, predict and report information about vehicle, driver, components, location, and more. Advantech-DLoG ultra-rugged VMTs monitor health conditions of vehicle components through CAN-Bus attachments; track navigation and location; prevent collision and monitor driver behavior—in real-time. Advantech-DLoG VMTs improve efficiency, safety and productivity. They are cost-effective, and relied on by companies around the globe.



Heavy Duty equipment such as earth movers, agricultural vehicles, dumpers,excavators, crawlers, cranes, quarry, mining and other vehicles operate business critical applications, in situations where downtime spells disaster. Applications as diverse as truck queuing systems,tire-pressure management, shovel hang time, vehicle oil pre-heating, load scheduling, alarms, and collision avoidance can mean the difference between continuous operation and meltdown.




  Vehicle Mounted Computer

   MTC6    XMT5/7

 VMT with Intel Atom® Processor and Voice Kit

 Vehicle Mount Terminal with Marvell® PXA 320 Processor